119. North Coast/Collins Casket Co.

North Coast Casket Co,/Collins Building, 1210 W. Marine View Drive (ca.1925) National Register of Historic Places The Hulbert Lumber Company built the factory naming it the North Coast Casket Company. For the next 71 years, it was used expressly for casket manufacturing. The building was sold to the Port of Everett in 1991, and has since been used for light manufacturing and warehouse space. The 3-story Collins Building was located on Everett’s waterfront until it was deconstucted and demolished in December 2009. It was a classic example of post and beam, wood frame construction, used for large manufacturing buildings in the early 1900s. It contained 60,000 square feet total on 3 floors, with flooring made of full dimension 2x4s stacked on end. Posts were solid 12x12 iron wood. Built on pilings over tidelands on Port Gardner Bay, the long distinctive banks of pane glass windows were trimmed in white with brick red siding.