137. Hartmann House, 1012 Grand Avenue

Hartmann House, 1012 Grand Avenue (1924) Everett Historic Register Built in 1924 for Harry Stuchell, owner and president of the Eclipse Mill, this Colonial Revival home is named for its builder, Rudolph Hartmann. The house has been well maintained and is a fine example of the type of residence that defines the Rucker/Grand Avenue Historic District. The stately facade, solid entrance and landscaping add to the historical character of the neighborhood and street. Mr. Stuchell had the home built for his son Lester and wife Norma. Nearly all moldings are painted fir, and floors throughout the house are top-nailed quarter-sawn oak. All but two of the 36 windows are the original double-hung. The ‘budding daisy’ floral motif on the custom tile surrounding the living room fireplace is repeated in the glass of three chandeliers and in the wall sconces above the sitting room fireplace.