148. Fosheim House, 2017 26th Street

Fosheim House, 2017 26th Street (1892) Everett Register This is one of the oldest homes in Everett and is built in the Northwest Shingle Style. It was designed by prominent architect August Heide, along with an identical twin structure, now lost. In 1914 it was moved by horse-drawn wagon from Everett Avenue to its present location. It was converted for use as a duplex in the 1940s through the 1980s. In 1993, a major rehabilitation of the home was undertaken. The house was re-wired and insulated to bring it up to the latest codes. All 6-inch wide cedar door and window trim was carefully removed, repaired and reinstalled. Exterior front railings, spindles, spandrels, and brackets were replaced to match originals recorded in an 1893 photograph. The Raymond Fosheim House was named in honor of the lifetime Everett resident who helped restore this and nine other historic Everett homes.