151. Blackman House, 2208 Rucker Avenue

Blackman House, 2208 Rucker Avenue (1910) Everett Register This is a Stick/Bungalow style house which has a steeply pitched gable roof and wide eaves supported with exposed rafters and brackets. Note the decorative row dormers on the front facade. Douglas Fir was used thoughout the house. Among the first mill operaters in the county, the Blackmans were also in the vanguard during the industrialization of the Everett peninsula. They opened the first shingle mill of the Rockefeller boom on the north end of the waterfront. Charles Blackman built the eight room home at a cost of about $6,000 and resided there from 1910 to 1924. Former residents Paul and Mary Ehrlich ran a B and B in the house.