153. Sahlinger-Muck House, 2319 Colby Avenue

Sahlinger-Muck House, 2319 Colby Avenue (1908) Everett Register The land the house is built on traces back to when the United States government deeded the homestead to Dennis Brigham in 1876. This land also passed through the hands of the Rucker and Hewitt families, as well as their land company. The home was built on speculation by the Howard S. Wright Company for John and Flora Zoble. The Zobles soon sold it to Henry and Sarah Salhinger. The Salhinger brothers owned and operated a holding company business which specialized in haberdashery. This $2,000 home reflected the major design movements of its time. Although predominantly Craftsman in form and floor plan it featured Neoclassical locksets and doorbell. The home had an early central heating system installed. William and “Minnie” M uck purchased the house in 1942 for under $4,000. William was a retired foreman from the Manufacturing Co.; a window sash and door maker. It was most recently purchased in 1997 with plans for restoration.