155. Fratt Mansion, 1725 Grand Avenue

Fratt Mansion, 1725 Grand Avenue (1904) Everett Register The imposing Craftsman home was built for prominent Everett businessman Charles D. Fratt. Construction began in 1904, but the home was destroyed by fire in February of 1905, about a week before the Fratt family planned to move in. The site was cleared and construction of the present house was completed in late 1906. At the time, this was the only home on Grand Avenue within six blocks. Fratt had agreed with the city to build only if the three blocks across the street, then platted for 25-foot residential lots, would be designated as a park to preserve the view of the bay and his business interests on the flats below. The Fratt family lived in this grand home from the time it was built until 1939. Monrad Wallgren, Washington State Governor lived here from 1945 to 1949. Then Senator Wallgren was a close associate of Vice President Harry S. Truman, who visited Wallgren in Everett on several occasions. The room where Truman was reported to have slept is now decorated with Truman memorabilia. The exterior of the home was significantly altered over the years, including removal of the balconies. Demolition was considered until the it was purchased in 1998. The current owners have restored the exterior architecture to its original appearance as seen in 100 year old photographs. A garage built in the 1940s has been replaced with a two-story carriage house, built to match the architecture of the house. The foundation has been brought up to modern earthquake code.