157. Winter House, 1631 Grand Avenue

Winter House, 1631 Grand Avenue (ca. 1917) Everett Register The house was designed by noted architect Carl F. Gould (1873-1939), who had a significant heritage of architecture, art, and community activism for Seattle and the Northwest. Gould considered beauty in architecture to be rooted in the ancient styles. In 1914 he started working with Charles H. Bebb, with whom he designed a series of homes. Gould founded the Dept. of Architecture at the University of Washington and designed the Suzzallo Library on campus. William Neal Winter was the executive head of the Puget Sound Telephone Co. and a leader in finacial circles of Everett. Born in Mississippi, he belonged to the Cascade Club and the Everett Country Club. Doctor Samuel L. Caldbick appears as resident in the Polk Directories from 1931-39. He was one of the best known surgeons of northwestern Washington and head of the Everett Clinic. From 1965-2002, the house was owned by Judge John F. Wilson. Even though the address is on Grand Avenue, this Colonial Revival house is oriented toward 17th Street and has a matching garage to the east, also facing 17th Street.