158. Lettelier House, 2510 Baker Avenue

Lettelier House, 2510 Baker Avenue (1908) Everett Register In 1905, the brothers Walter, Charles and Roy Lettelier and father George arrived in Everett from California and Tacoma. They started the Everett Box Company producing berry baskets and fruit packages, after their uncle’s box business burned. Roy later became the proprietor of the Riverside Theatre. Charles built this elegant Craftman bungalow and Walter built a larger Foursquare home at 2430 Baker Avenue that has the same double pitched roof, gable and porch design as his brothers house. Tragically, the brothers’ factory burned to the ground in the fall of 1916. In 1941, Ingvald and Martha C. Berg owned the house for 41 years; the present owner purchased it in 2002. Most of the interior is original except for the kitchen and part of the pantry.