28. Mitchell Hotel, 1915 Hewitt Avenue

Mitchell Hotel / Cascadia Apartments, 1915 Hewitt Avenue (1903) Architect: A.F. Heide The three-story building is prominently located on the NW corner of Hewitt and Lombard Avenues. Spiderweb art glass windows remain above some of the storefronts from an early remodel. As the major hotel in the city for two decades, it was designed for William and L.J. Mitchell, owners of the Mitchell Lumber Company of Everett. The building was originally planned as a six-story building and equipped with elevator service (which operates today). The 76 guest rooms contained modern conveniences and were furnished luxuriously. Engravings displayed in the corridors were from the personal collection of the Mitchell brothers. The upper stories are currently occupied by Cascadia Apartments. Early tenants included Cooks Café in 1911 and Billy Sturman’s clothers in 1913. Note on the next block east (at 2013 Hewitt Ave) was Everett’s first neon sign at the London Café from 1926-61.