30. Labor Temple, 2812 Lombard Avenue

30. Labor Temple, 2812 Lombard Avenue (1930) Architect: C. Ferris White This eclectic two-story building is located just north of the commercial downtown strip, facing east on Lombard Avenue. The primary east facade features a prominent central entry reached by steps. A cast stone surround frames the entry and reads “Labor Temple” above the opening. It is mostly original inside, especially the fixtures, floors, woodwork and bathrooms. A one-story modern addition was constructed on the north side of the original building in 1957 for $80,000. Built during the Depression, the building replaced an earlier Labor Temple. Billy Sunday spoke at a quickly erected and later disassembled building on this block May 29, 1910. This was once Everett’s bargain shopping area with the Volunteers of America, Goodwill and Salvation Army located nearby. The Labor Temple and Mitchell Hotel were used when The Fugitive television series was filmed in Everett in 2000-01.