33. Funeral Home, 2727 Oakes Avenue

Challacombe and Fickel Funeral Home, 2727 Oakes Avenue (1923) Architect: Benjamin F. Turnbull, Everett Historic Register The Colonial Revival building is characterized by its hipped roof and dormers. It has a red brick finish, and entry porch supported by Tuscan columns, and twelve-over-one double-hung wood windows. Original owners Nicholas B. Challacombe and Charles H. Fickel formed a partnership in 1919. Challacombe had been the county coroner for four years, as well as serving as president of the state board for examiners and embalmers. Fickel was a well-known mortician and also served as county coroner. Walter Precht joined the business in the mid-1930s. He and his wife Ruth lived above the funeral home, which she managed during the war. The Precht family operated the business until 1984 and owned it until 2007. It was recently renovated by the new owner, an architectural firm.