35. Fire Station No. 2, 2801 Oakes Avenue

Everett Fire Station No. 2, 2801 Oakes Avenue (1925) Architect: Morrison and Stimson; Builder: Solie and Wahl National Register of Historic Places Designed in a simplified Italianate style with a square hose tower at the south end of the east facade. Finished with buff brick veneer and cast stone “blocks” surrounding four large bays with overhead doors. A central entry has a glazed wood-paneled door with a decorative shield above. Roof is red tiled. Fire Station No. 2 is the oldest and most significant of the city‘s extant fire stations. It was built in a period when motorized fire equipment was replacing horse-drawn equipment. The building was the site of the fire chief’s office and the center of the city’s firefighting system. Note the interesting clinker brick across the street is 2820 Oakes Avenue built circa 1920. Built over an extended train tunnel they sold new cars as Dolloff Oldsmobile. The North Everett Lions Club occupied it for several years with the brick painted bright blue. Currently an entertaining dueling piano bar and bistro.