8. Peoples Bank, 1702 Hewitt Avenue

Peoples National Bank/US Bank, 1702 Hewitt Ave. (1959) This modern-style bank is on a corner where north and west facades feature a glass curtain walls with Roman brick on the east and south. When it first opened, it had a drive through window and a wonderful four-sided neon vertical sign on corner. In 1987, Peoples National Bank became US Bank. Some interior work on the subject building listed the architect Osterman Associates. To the west at 1712 Hewitt Ave. is the Riley Block (1911), former home of the Turf Restaurant. And next door at 1714-16 Hewitt Ave. is the Miley Bldg (1911). Mon Walgren’s (Washington senator and governor) jewelry store was located here and Gene Nastri (musician- violinist) had a studio upstairs.